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Leo Softwares Pakistan is a software team founded by Malik Usman Aura which develops freeware and enriched softwares for its users. We develop softwares for Windows and Linux OS's using languages like C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, python, Batch Scripting which are free to download. We have developed softwares like Leo Folder Locker, G Security, Viral Tool, Batch Scripting Tool.
Rawaplindi Rawaplindi, Punjab 46000 Pakistan
Leo Softwares


We develop freeware, innovative and enriched softwares for people

Who are we?

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Leo Softwares Pak is a software development team with a mission to create free & awesome piece of code for everyone to use. We belief that everyone must have access to software's that can improve their lives. It doesn't matter that these software's are the next great media players or just some random little tweaking tools, they have a beautiful GUI or only come with an old school Command Line interface. Every software developed with hard work in an innovative way is worth respect & that's what we try to do. We always try to develop innovative software's for you so that you can enjoy using them.

Founded in Pakistan
By Malik Usman Aura

Our Projects

Want to see our projects?

G Security Desktop Locker

G Security

G Security is a smart, secure, advance and easy to use desktop / screen locker for Windows

Latest Version: 1.0 File Size: 1.34 MB Release Date: 13/06/2016 Freeware

Download Now Visit Offical Website
Viral Tool

Viral Tool

A smart malware creator to create 26 types of malwares. Specially designed for security testing purposes

Latest Version: 1.0 File Size: 559 KB Release Date: 03/05/2015 Open Source

Download Now Visit Offical Website
Batch Scripting Pack

Batch Scripting Pack

A collection source code / examples of Utilities Programmed in Batch Scripting Language

Latest Version: 1.0 File Size: 35.1 KB Release Date: 11/11/2015 Open Source

Download Now Visit Offical Website

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Malik Usman Aura

Malik Usman Aura


Loves computers and often gets his head stuck in Programming, Hacking, Web Development, Networking, Technical Writing, Repairing and Customization. Loves to play with and just for fun. In his free time he likes to play Games, Travel and spend time with his family.

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